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Everything You Need To Know Before You Plan A Trip To Chichen Itza

Situated 200 kilometers west of Cancún, Chichen Itza is one of Mexico’s best-preserved archaeological sites. Itza is the name of the ethnic-lineage community which ruled the northern peninsula of Mexico before the Spanish Conquest. The name Chichen Itza implies “at the edge of Itza’s well”. Every year about 1.2 million individuals visit the ruins of Chichen Itza. Chichen Itza is an archeological site rich in history as well as different designs and styles that are typical of central Mexican, Chenes, and Puuc styles. The pyramid structure is extraordinary for its design as well as for its calendar formation. It is to some degree a mystery how a shadow drops upon the pyramid two times a year framing the snake shape.

Chichen Itza Chichen-itza Mexico Mayan

The pre-Columbian Maya Civilization raised it between the ninth and twelfth centuries. They utilized it as an observatory to display astronomical phenomena. It is a superimposed development being constructed on another. From the highest point of the building, they could see the sky over the vegetation with no restraint. The majority of sites at Chichen Itza are associated with strange sounds. When you clap once at one end of the Ball Court, it plays nine echoes in the center of the court. Also, clapping at the front of the Kukulkan Pyramid produces an echo matching the bird’s chirp.

The blend of scale monuments and the enigmatic accurate astronomical calculation in the constructions make Chichen Itza really a marvelous place to visit. Here are 8 sites you must visit while your trip to Chichen Itza:

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1. The Chacmools Of The Northern Ruins

The Chacmools of the Northern Ruins

Here you will be amazed by the statues of leaning figures holding divine vessels with their heads swung to the other side that act as temple watchmen. Other eminent Toltec statues are Los Atlantes, stone engraving of knights supporting the site’s sanctuary altars and rooftops. You’ll additionally observe numerous references to the plumed serpent, Kukulkán, alongside pictures of forfeits and battles.

2. Temple Of The Skulls

Temple of the Skulls

To one side of the ball court, is Tzompantli – the Temple of the Skulls. The term is Mayan but clearly acquires from the post-Classic urban areas of central Mexico. See the rows of skulls etched into the stone platform here. When a sacrificial individual’s head was split off, it was speared on a post and showed with others in an orderly line.

3. Pyramid Of Kukulcan

Pyramid In Mexico Mexico Pyramid Chichen Itza

The Pyramid of Kukulcan otherwise called El Castillo was established over a preexisting sanctuary somewhere in the 800 and 900 AD. It is the highest pyramid in Chichen Itza. Mathematically and splendid crafty design mixed with the natural rotation of the Earth makes an astonishing and fairly shocking picture of a goliath snake slithering down the temple. For five hours a light and shadow illusion make seven triangles at the sides of the staircase beginning at the top and crawling its way down until the point when it interfaces the top stage with the enormous stone head of the feathered snake at the base.

When you stand on the foot of the stairs at a specific spot and clap the sound goes up and through its chamber at the highest point of the temple and returns a tone that is intended to be the sound of the Quetzal winged bird. You can likewise observe light and sounds show here at 7 pm in the winter season and 8 pm in the summer season. Also, each equinox this Mayan pyramid arranges a scary ancient light show.

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4. Divine Cenote

Divine Cenote

The divine cenote is a sinkhole which is associated with Chichen Itza, USA by a raised track. There is also a second karst cave in the core of Chichen Itza that was utilized as a wellspring of water for the residents of Chichen Itza. The utilization of the Sacred Cenote was only ceremonial. Throughout the years, the murky water has yielded numerous antiques including gold, copper, jade, turquoise, copal, obsidian, or incense, rubber, pottery, shells and the bones of around 200 individuals who were submitted in as a sacrifice.

5. Edificio De Las Monjas

Edificio de las Monjas

Believed by archeologists to have been a royal palace for Maya authority, the Nunnery or so-called Edificio de las Monjas, with its horde rooms, look like a European nunnery to the conquistadors, henceforth got this name for the building. The building’s measurements are commanding: its bottom is 60m long, 30m broad and 20m high. The development is Maya instead of Toltec, even though a Toltec conciliatory stone stands in the foreground. A little bordering building at the east, known as La Iglesia, i.e. the Church, is capped primarily with carvings.

6. The Ball Court

The Ball Court

The Ball Court at Chichen Itza might have once been the central point of social life in the Mayan city. The Ball Court used to be the place where the Mayans would play their adaptation of a ball game called Pitz. An in-depth investigation of all the intricate etchings gives some sign of how it may have seemed in the entirety of its former magnificence.
Maximum historians on exploring the tales portrayed on the sides of the Ball Court in inscriptions have described that the captain of the losing team was sacrificed here to the Gods for the loss of his team. Others believe that perhaps hostages would regularly be sacrificed in the captain’s place.

7. The Hall Of The Thousand Columns

The Hall Of The Thousand Columns

Adjacent to the Temple of the Warriors on its south side is the Hall of the Thousand Columns or Grupo de las Mil Columnas, supposed to have been treated as a place of get together or indoor market. Close-by you can also see other attractions like a little ball court namely Juego de Pelota, the Mercado, and a steam bath.

8. Tomb Of The High Priest

Tomb Of The High Priest

Also called Tumba del Gran Sacerdote, the Tomb of the High Priest presents the influences of both Toltec and Puuc. The 9m (30-ft.) pyramid, with stairways on both the sides delineating feathered snakes, looks somewhat like El Castillo. Underneath its establishment is an ossuary (a public graveyard) in a natural limestone cavern, where offerings and skeletons have been found.

How to Reach Chichen Itza

From Cancun, you can easily get a bus to Chichen Itza. An alternate route is to drive towards the west on Highway 180. You must take assistance from the hotel management staff to know the directions because of regular changes in Mexican roads. The ride to Chichen Itza is long but full of scenic sights. You will thoroughly enjoy your ride.

Only ruins are left of Chichen Itza, one of the most prominent wonders of the world at one time. The old city used to be an assortment of impressive stepped pyramids, stone structures, columned arcades, and temples. A few hours are enough to see the whole site on your trip to USA. Also, one must hire a guide when visiting this site as it will be rewarding to explore and be clarified in-detail about the importance of each structure during your sightseeing tour.

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3 Things To Do Near Hillcrest With Family One Must Explore While In Singapore!

A family vacation is something which everyone wants to be memorable and fun-filled. While there are many reasons to visit Singapore already, the attractions of this country give all the valid reasons for families to escape to this Asian country despite being a little costly. From an enthralling nightlife to being a home to some of the best and unique attractions in the world, there is so much to explore in this small country. People who are planning a vacation to Singapore with family can indulge into various experiences like bike tour, panoramic view of the city sitting at the Singapore Flyer and many more exciting things which the city has to offer. Apart from that people can also go and explore a vast variety of plant species at the Gardens By The Bay and watch the fascinating light and water show sitting across the Marina Bay Sands.. And while every nook and corner of the city has something to offer its visitors, we have picked up a few highlights which will help you plan better. For people planning to visit around Hillcrest, there are many experiences which will make your family vacation a memorable one. If you’re thinking what to do, there are some fascinating things to do near Hillcrest with family which are fun-filled and curate a different experience for everyone.

Here are some of the best things to do near Hillcrest with family which will make your vacation a memorable and let you indulge into some of the best activities around without thinking twice.

1. Snorkeling


If you want to witness the marine life of Singapore, the best place is the Sisters Islands. The two islands are very beautiful and offer a rich marine life that you can watch by snorkeling there. So, if you are visiting Singapore with friends, make sure you do this for a heartwarming experience.

Location: Singapore
Cost: $400
Recommended for: Family, Nature & Wildlife, Theme Parks

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2. You Can Take Your Children Here For A Picnic


Named after a philanthropist who donated to the gardens, Jacob Ballas Children Garden is a perfect place for a low key picnic. Situated near the north end, the Garden has a separate visitors centre and also a small cafe. There is a Water Play Centre and also a childrens playground that includes pretty little tree houses, slides, and mazes. Apart from all this, you can also have your family feed swans and fish at the ponds around the Gardens.
The garden also includes a bunch of educational tutorials, for example there are educational multimedia xhibits for children about photosynthesis, use of flowers for dyes and herbs, and others.
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3. Night Safari


February in Singapore is characterised by cool nights which are not very chill or very hot, making them ideal for a thrilling adventure in the tropical forest. Take a tram ride or walk the trails which are frequented by a vast variety of fauna and feel the adrenaline rush through you and your family.

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4. Crystal Jade Golden Palace


Crystal Jade Golden Palace is among the finest Chinese restaurant in Singapore offering a luxurious fine-dining experience. In Singapore, it is a household name for Chinese families when it comes to family dinners or celebrations. The restaurant serves dishes like fish noodle with king prawn, seafood with beancurd thick soup, and ‘Braised Teowchew Duo Platter’. Also, Crystal Jade Golden Palace is a Michelin Star to prove its authenticity.

Opening hours: Mon to Fri 11:30 pm-3:00 pm and 6:00 pm-10:00 pm | Sat 11:00 pm-3:00 pm, 6:00 pm-10:30 pm | Sun 10:30 am-3:00 pm, 6:00 pm-10:30 pm

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These are some of the best things to do near Hillcrest with family which will make you explore around the sightseeing in Singapore. Not just the attractions of this city are fascinating, but apart from that, there are various reasons which make this place a perfect retreat for every kind of traveler. Whether you’re a die-hard foodie or an adventure junkie, there are a lot of things to do around which will make you wonder what to do and what not to do. So, if a trip to Singapore is on your mind then make sure to not miss out on these experiences which will definitely make your trip unique.

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London In June: A Handy Guide To Feel The Zeal Of Celebration During Summertime 2019!

London is the city for everyone, starting off from the rich history and culture to the fine food everything makes this city worth to explore. And when it comes to exploring this historically enriched city, June is the best time where the sun keeps dazing throughout the day and the streets are filled up celebrations throughout the month. If you’re planning a London holiday this year, then this traveler friendly guide will help you make the best of your getaway in London in June.

Summer is considered the best time to visit London as the city warms up under the sun and welcomes its tourists with an open heart. The streets of London brims with joy as there is a rush of exciting events around the city at this time and the warm weather adds up the extra on it. The temperature remains between 20 degree celsius maximum and an average hours till the sun shines is 7 hours.

Take all the festive vibes of London by indulging into these amazing events which are held during the month of June.

1. Trooping The Color

Trooping In March

Trooping The Color is a royal celebration of Queen Elizabeth’s birthday (her actual birthday is on 21 April). This tradition has been set in the 18th century and since then it is being celebrated in June to enjoy a pleasant summertime. It’s a parade of military pageantry where the highness inspects the troops. This tradition was started by King George II in 1748 where earlier the Queen used to arrive on horseback but since 1987 she has been arriving in a carriage. The celebration begins with the parade by 1400 officers, 200 horses and 400 musicians. In the end the Queen’s extended joins for a iconic annual photo standing on the balcony of Buckingham palace.

When: 8 June, Saturday
Location: Buckingham Palace
Tickets Price: No Tickets Required

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2. Royal Academy Summer Exhibition

Royal Academy Of Summer

The Royal Academy Summer Exhibition is one of the largest open submission exhibition in the world which is being organised since the past 250 years. The exhibition holds all the latest themes which are coming in the arena of art and if you have an eye for colors, paints and themes then this place will be a perfect retreat. This place showcases the new and recent creations by emerging artists and also the expertise which give an eclectic mix to the whole event. This exhibition gives a glimpse of the world of contemporary art in the form of paintings, sculpture, photography, architecture and films.

When: 10 June-12 June
Location: Burlington House, London, United Kingdom

3. Open Garden Square Weekend

Open Garden Square Weekend

With the arrival of June, the private gardens of London open its gate for the public to enjoy the lush-greenery. The open garden square weekend is a much-awaited event for the Londoners and the tourists who plan to visit the city in summertime. This grand garden event takes place across 27 London boroughs. On one weekend of June all the historic, traditional and the new experimental gardens located across London open their gates for the public to witness the beauty of the boulevards.

Must Visit Gardens: 10 Downing street, the Royal College of Physicians Medicinal Garden, Belgrave Square, Crossrail Place Roof Garden

When: 8-9 June

4. West End Live At Trafalgar Square

West End Live

Want to groove at the electrifying concerts in London in June? If you have that party animal hidden inside you, then make sure to be a part of the West End Live which takes place at the Trafalgar Square. Here you can get the taste of London’s some of the best of London’s musicals and exciting new shows. This event is immensely popular in the city and the best thing is you can enjoy it without any entry fees. But make sure to take the perfect spot to enjoy the best of the event.

When: 22-23 June

5. Taste Of London

Taste Of London

The Taste Of London is indeed a paradise for all the foodies out there who want to get a taste of some delectable delicacies. This is an annual event which is held on a grand scale at the Regent’s Park where the London’s top restaurant come forward with their specialities. This is a 5-days affair where the park turns into food wonderland where 40 top restaurants of London serve their best dish from the menu. The visitors can enjoy a live demonstration of the flame filled cooking at the Fire Pit stage and also catch up on some live entertainment.

When: Exact Dates To Be Confirmed
Main Highlights: Champagne Laurent Perrier Club House, Taste Residence

6. Pride In London

Pride Festival

June is the time when the streets of London gets painted with rainbow colors as the LGBT community rolls out their joy and celebration. The Pride in London parade passes through the West End’s streets and line up at the Trafalgar square for a live entertainment. Thousands of people gather during this time to celebrate the freedom of sexuality, gender, races and faith. The event goes around with different cultural events like theatre, dance, art, cinema and parties across the city.

When: 23 June To 07 July
Main Highlights: Dance And Cultural Performances

7. ICC Cricket World Cup

ICC Cricket World Cup

And there is finally something for the sport lovers too during summertime in London. Witness the world’s best cricket team battle out at the Lords and Oval which are the famous grounds of the city. This is the fifth time that England and Wales are hosting the tournament and there is no chance that a true cricket lover could miss that. Though the public ballots are closed by now for booking the tickets but one can still look for resale at the official portal of ICC Cricket World Cup Tournament 2019.

When: 30 May 2019 – 14 July 2019

So after going through all the events now you know that London is going to be bang during the summertime. With the sun blazing in the sky and streets filled with all the excitement, the summer is going to be the best time to indulge into an extravagant affair of festivals and pleasant weather. Don’t wait and plan your vacation to London this summer vacation and get immersed into the joyous mood.

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3 Best Bars In Little India For A Night Filled With Lively Vibes In Singapore

When it’s time to have an absolute blast with some of the best excursions on board, we say Singapore! The fact that this land has something in store for every kind of traveler makes it one of the most preferred tourist destinations across the globe. Be it about trying the thrilling water sports or going for a soothing spa or simply exploring the nightlife of this tropical paradise with so many bars in Little India, this nation-state never fails to amuse folks.
So, head straight to the rejuvenating Palawan beach for sunbathing session or visit the renowned Marina Bay Sands hotel to witness a spectacular sunset while relaxing in the lavish infinity pool at the venue. You can choose to dine at one of the quaint cafes of Clarke Quay or go all out at the famous street food indulgence in the hawkers markets. What’s more is that you can try more of the authentic Singaporean flavours at the top notch restaurants too.
Take a stroll down the ancient Helix bridge to admire the gorgeous work of architecture or step into the streets of Chinatown to find your perfect souvenir while the talented street artists keep you entertained. Visit the serene temples of this land or hop in a ferry ride to watch some of the most romantic views around the port region. You can also try scuba and sea walking in Lion City to get the best of this land!

Why wait when you can try some delicious cocktails with your favourite travel buddies and have an unforgettable experience amidst the stunningly lit views and skyscrapers of this land. Check this out!

1. Lantern


This rooftop bar is one of the majestic rooftop bars in the city that features a rooftop pool. The Lantern rooftop bar in Singapore is a well-decorated, modern drinking hub with a terrace that gives you magical views of Marina Bay and the citys skyline. If you want to take a dip and enjoy the awesome views from a high point of the city, head to the terrace where you will find one of the best lap pools in the city. At this popular bar, you can order great cocktails from its superb menu, beer, wine, champagne as well as delicious snacks. If you are in Singapore, do not miss going to the Lantern, one of the neatest rooftop bars in the entire city.

Highlights: Rooftop lap pool, handcrafted cocktails, posh and relaxed ambience

Address: The Fullerton Bay Hotel, 80 Collyer Quay, 049326 Singapore
Must Try: The fruity gin Slings, its own barrel-aged Manhattans and Negronis

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2. Kinki Rooftop Bar & Restaurant


Kinki is a modern Japanese rooftop bar and restaurant that serves up lip-smacking food as well as drinks. You can have a great time with family and friends on the terrace while enjoying the treats that the place has to offer. You can have a blast partying in the comfortable and festive environment while a live DJ plays the hottest tracks. You get a superb view from the terrace which is surrounded by skyscrapers. What makes Kinki great is that it is one of the most affordable rooftop bars Singapore. From 6 to 9 PM, you can get a bucket of 5 beers for $50 which is way beyond amazing when compared to some of the other rooftop bars in the city.

Highlights: Views of the Marina Bay skyline and waterfront, comfortable and amazing ambience

Address: 70 Collyer Quay, #02-02 Customs House, Singapore 049323
Must Try: House special Spicy Hachimitsu, the Japanese drinks on the menu

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3. Tiong Bahru Nightlife


Hua Bee is a popular 70 years old street food shop, which turns out to be a happening izakaya (Japanese gastropub) after sundown. There is a separate entrance at the back alley leading to this makeshift bar called Bincho and this is considered as one of the most happening things to do in Tiong Bahru to enjoy the nightlife. Other popular places to enjoy nightlife scene at Tiong Bahru are Coq and Balls and Lin Rooftop Bar.

Location: 78 Moh Guan Terrace, Singapore 162078
Opening hours: 7:30 am to 2: 30 am

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When there’s a place with an exquisite charm like Singapore, we wouldn’t blame you if you feel confused already. The fact that an efficient transport system of Singapore saves both your time and energy makes it even better for our next vacay! With a wide range of excursions and places, you’ll surely be spoilt for choice. Head straight to Universal Studios Theme Park if you’re out and about with your family and enjoy the amazing rides. The tropical climate of this land add more to a vacation with the perfectly cool breeze splashing across your face. You can hop in a boat cruise to rekindle your love in this nation-state or witness the spectacular Singapore Skyline view from the Tiger Sky tower. If you’re a bird-lover, don’t forget to visit Jurong Bird Park and if nature’s soothing vibes is what you’re looking for, then make a pit stop at Gardens by the Bay. Most of all, the stunning bars in Little India are surely not to be missed! So, what are you waiting for? Plan a Singapore vacation for an amazing holiday with your loved ones like never before!

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The Only Guide To Kasauli Rhythm And Blues 2019 Festival You Need

The Kasauli Rhythm and Blues festival is a mecca for music lovers interested in listening to a diverse pool of well-established and upcoming talent. The festival has delivered some of the most exceptional live performances — from the mesmerizing Usha Uthup, Shilpa Rao, Lesle Lewis, Rabbi Shergill to the exuberant Sonam Kalra and Kutle Khan Sufi Collective.

Kasauli rhythm and blues

Kasauli Rhythm and Blues 2019 is now running in its eighth edition. Here are a few important highlights regarding the event this year, including the Kasauli Rhythm and Blues Festival 2019 dates. You might want to keep this guide handy with you for easy access to this information:

  • Date And Time: 19 April (4:30 PM onwards) – 20 April (4 PM onwards)
  • Venue: Baikunth Resort, Village Chabbal, P.O. Garkhal, Tehsil Kasauli, Solan, Himachal Pradesh 173201
  • One Day Pass Charges: INR 7850/- for adults and INR 3000/- for kids
  • Food: On chargeable basis; unlimited soft and hard drinks are included in the ticket prices for the entire day
  • Seats Availability: First come first serve basis
  • What To Carry: Valid ID Proof
  • What To Not Carry: Weapons, fireworks, helmets, polybags, tins/cans, metal containers and musical instruments

Kasauli rhythm and blues

The Kasauli Rhythm and Blues fest 2019 was conceived by Genesis Foundation in 2012 with a view to grow its community of donors and well-wishers. Believing strongly that music is a positive and participatory force, the funds raised at the festival will be utilized towards the medical treatment for critically ill, underprivileged children suffering with heart disorders. These children belong to families with an income of Rs 10,000 per month. The artists perform for the cause and bring together music lovers, corporates, high net-worth individuals celebrating life and melody.


The Kasauli Rhythm and Blues festival has a promising and unforgettable line-up. Here is the complete list of bands and independent artists who will be performing at the festival:

  • With thought provoking lyrics and a fresh, contemporary Indie pop sound, the Shubhangi Joshi Collective has gained an ardent listener base.
  • A collaborative duo of Nirali Kartik and Kartik Shahi, Maatibaani is what happens when folk meets contemporary.
  • Hari and Sukhmani combine eclecticism with a curiously contemporary take on traditional folk songs from the land of Punjab.
  • Parikrama is a 27-year old legendary rock band, playing basically Classic Rock based music fused with Indian instruments like the Tabla and the violin.
  • Soundarya Jayachandran’s music is a blend of bluesy rock, pop and soul, with a touch of the Indian classics.
  • Thaikkudam Bridge is a rock band with folk and classical sounds of India interspersed with layers of progressive, pop, ambient and electronic textures.
  • Bryden-Parth are two musicians who come from Western and Indian Classical backgrounds, creating an exciting cross-genre musical experience.

Kasauli rhythm and blues

Baikunth Resort is 298 km away from New Delhi. From New Delhi, take NH 1 to Ambala. From Ambala NH 22, take the road towards Dharampur. Somewhere around 2 km before Dharampur, turn left on Kasauli road. Keep driving for 10 km on that road to reach Garkhal. From Garkhal, turn right on Jagjit Nagar Road. Keep driving on that road for 3 km to reach Baikunth Resort.

More than music and fun, Kasauli Rhythm and Blues seems to be a musical festival with a heart, as the memorable weekender aims to financially support critically ill children with heart disorders of Little Hearts for their surgery. So, book your trip to Kasauli and be on your way asap. Can’t you hear the mountains calling?

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3 Festive Things To Do In Kampong Bugis On Christmas In Singapore

Christmas is one of the busy times all around the world, though people are free and have holidays. This is because holidays call for vacations, and people can be often seen planning for a Christmas holiday. Singapore is a great destination for a Christmas break too. And a lot of people are seen flocking here for Christmas and New Year to Singapore. Listed here are some things to do in Kampong Bugis on Christmas. Have a look at what all can be done here.

Though Christmas and New Year is the best time to visit Singapore because of the festivities and celebrations, and also the most expensive. The flights and accommodations are all expensive. So, have a look, and plan in advance for this exciting Christmas holiday.

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Christmas brings out the best at any place be it the tropics or the poles. Though one does not really experience winters in Singapore, which is the first thought on hearing Christmas, but the place has total festive vibes. Read on, to know what all one can do in Kampong Bugis on Christmas.

1. Bugis Junction – Shop For Christmas


Does one need a reason to shop? Well, no one does really, but if you still want one, then go shopping because it is Christmas. Christmas is one of the best times to go shopping as the markets are flooded with Christmas treats. Head out, and buy some Christmas presents for your family and friends. The markets during Christmas are often crowded with locals, and it is a great time to mingle with the locals. Be a part of the local traditions, and check out how Christmas is celebrated in Singapore. Shop at Bugis Junction, one of the best places to go shopping here and stuff your shopping bags with all things wintry and cute. The cafes too celebrate the festival with desserts adorning the cafe windows. Help yourself to some Christmas delicacies when you are out and about.

2. Kallang Ice World – Go Skating

Ice Skating

Ice skating at winter destinations is quite common, but have you ice skated in the tropics? Well, it is said that one would never experience winters in Singapore naturally because the temperatures here are temperate throughout the year but there are two places where one can ice skate in Singapore. And if you are in Kampong Bugis, then one of the things to do is to go ice skating at Kallang Ice World. And would be a better time but Christmas? Celebrate Christmas with ice, snow, and skating. Kallang Ice World is a mere 10 minutes drive from Kampong Bugis and ice skating here is a popular Christmas tradition. So, celebrate it like the locals do and get ready to sport some skates!

Location: 5 Stadium Walk, Level 3, Singapore 397693

3. Haji Lane – Enjoy The Festive Vibes


Haji lane is a very narrow street which is nestled in a corner of Bugis street and is a hidden gem. The location is such that you can easily miss entering this cool place. A colorful street which is lined on both sides by boutiques, cafes, bars and eateries and the best part is that all of them are decorated with painted murals in various hues. You will find the best of restaurants offering some local and innovative delectables. The shops are all filled with unique gift items, accessories and the latest fashion clothing along with shoes, bags, and purses. This place will just fill your heart with delight with its cool and hip ambiance and is a treat for the sore eyes. A walk down Haji lane is a must on your trip to Bugis street in Singapore.

Location: 21A Haji Lane, Singapore 189214, Singapore

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Christmas is a reason to travel. Christmas holidays are the best because places are decorated and the air is festive. Plan a Singapore trip this Christmas and have a ho-ho-ho time in Singapore. Book your vacay to Singapore and have a gala time enjoying these things to do in Kampong Bugis on Christmas.

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3 Best Bars Near Frankel Avenue, Singapore For A Heartwarming Vacation

Singapore is known for its unique places that prove man’s ability to create great things, thrilling things to do that showcase the beauty of nature, and great cuisines that turn everybody into a foodie! And as if this was not enough, the country offers lavish places to stay which will make you fall in love with it. But, your love for Singapore will get deeper with the fact that it is no less when it comes to nightlife. The beautiful country turns into a world of colors and lights at night. There are many bars, clubs and pubs in Singapore that you can explore! While the city offers great options, you can visit the bars near Frankel Avenue for a unique experience.

May it be office goers, students, youths or tourists, everybody just forgets everything as the sun sets down and only remember to have fun and go crazy. While the city looks picturesque and serene during the day, it puts on its cloak of joys at night. Visiting the bars is a great medium to forget the old life and begin a new one for those who are looking for a change. If you are visiting Singapore with friends, add these bars in your itinerary.

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Here is a list of the best bars near Frankel Avenue, Singapore for a soul-satisfying experience of holidaying in Singapore.

1. Malthouse

beer garden in singapore

Known for its craft beers, this is one of the best bars near Frankel avenue. Apart from offering great beers, the bar also provides a lip-smacking food menu and good ambience to have a nice night while in Singapore.

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2. The Dog And Bone Cafe

Dog and bone cafe and bar

This is yet another nice bar in the surroundings. The bar offers amazing beers and other mocktails and cocktails. Apart from that, it is a great place to make new friends. So, if you are visiting Singapore with your friends, make sure you add this place to your list.

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3. Smoke And Mirrors


This is a rooftop bar located in the National Gallery in Singapore. From here, one can enjoy the panoramic views of the entire city including the Marina Bay while sipping on their favorite beverage. The progressive menu of this place includes the most unique blends and mixtures of drinks to form the perfect cocktail. The spirits are curated in-house and an extensive range of draft beer is also available here. One must definitely drive down to this bar while visiting Geylang.

Location: 1 Street Andrew’s Road, #06-01 National Gallery Singapore, Singapore – 178957, 4 km from Geylang
Open till: 01:00 AM
Cost for two: INR 8,500

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Now you know these bars near Frankel Avenue are the places to head to when the night strikes in! These bars are great places to make new friends, have a great evening with your friends or a partner and booze or dance the night away. And along with good food and drinks, they provide good ambience to set the mood right! So, don’t think too much and plan a trip to Singapore with TravelTriangle for the most ravishing holiday!

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Fire And Ice Vacation Ideas: The Future Of Travel Is Here And You Ought To Know

Despite being a total mix of how things used to be earlier, this new tripping-trend is highly inspirational and surely not to be missed! So, with all the hype about this fire and ice vacation ideas, give it a try for those travel-pangs you have! For most travelers, making time for covering an entire planet can seem a bit handful. Not only the main constraints being distance and time, one would also be left for craving a little extra while you plan that much-ado-about-something holiday.

As much as all the Game Of Thrones fans would be loving the idea already, this isn’t about the Daenerys Targaryen’s dragons meeting the Night King’s army! Not yet, anyway. A fire and ice vacation is all about including those destinations in your holiday that have a varying climate, say snow capped mountains and those charming sunny beaches in one plan. Even though the trend has recently been realised by many U.S. travelers, it is rapidly spreading amongst the youth with a bucket list longer than an average human life-span!

A simple start to your fun vacation? Well, that doesn’t sound right! How about an super-fun-packed vacay with everything in one go? So, here are a few spots that you must consider if you wish to try these amazingly blended vacation experiences.

1. California

famous big bear mountains

Deserts and Mountains, both are peacefully coexisting in this US State with so many sights to behold, that you’ll be spoilt for choice. That’s right! A California experience should be a must when it comes to trying a fire and ice trip with your folks or even as solo travelers and backpackers. You can go skiing and snowboarding at the Big Bear mountain which is at a distance of 2 hours from the happening city of Los Angeles where you can get some sun-tan at the Malibu beach.

2. Argentina

crowd sitting on the beach

There’s no dearth of museums, European styled architecture and nature’s charm hidden in the glaciers and parks in Argentina. What really makes it special though, is the fact that even the extreme weathers have their own extremities redefining the meaning of the term, ‘fire and ice vacation’. A ski trip in Patagonia or Mar del Plata beaches or even a cruise trip to the Antarctic will make a perfect icing on the cake for your bucket lists!

3. Chile

person walking on the desert sand

Not only is Chile a perfect blend of blending terrains, with Andes mountains in the east, Atacama desert in north and Pacific Ocean on the west, this South American land offer an insightful encounter with the folks living in the rural districts of the south. What can be better than to know more about the locals when you visit a foreign land? But, there’s more to Chile than what seems and surely cannot be summed up in words entirely.

4. Iceland

iceland view of the island

Why Iceland? Well, because it has everything, literally. Imagine a place where you can climb a glacier, and if in case you don’t like the cold too much, go for a hot spring bath? Well, in case you don’t like either, and you’re a water baby, try whale watching, snorkeling and swimming. Places like Blue lagoon, Golden circle, and Jökulsárlón will add more to your memorable holiday!

5. Japan

beach in Japan

Planning for a Japan trip? Well, now you have another reason to visit this country! The extreme tips of Japan, southern and northern offer the most extreme climates, thereby adding to the list of ‘Fire and Ice vacation ideas’! Hokkaido in the north is dotted with hot springs, majestic mountains and when the snow bestows upon us its great strength during winters, ski your way along these peaks. Miyakojima island and Ishigaki Island provide the spot-on weather for those beachy vibes and island hopping!

6. Hawaii

snow capped mountains in Hawaii

Yet another place to experience those extremities, is Hawaii. Head straight to Kona and Kohala for a soothing warm weather and witness a spectacular sunset in Kailua Village along the Alii Drive. Then comes the opposite weather of freezing cold at Mauna Kea which is covered with snow during winters. Here, you can book a sunrise trip and reach early to sit under a sky filled with stars. Still craving for more? Well, don’t forget to get a glimpse of the Hawaiian culture and groove to the local music at Coconut Grove Marketplace.

7. Indonesia

famous temple in Bali

Did you know a tropical country like Indonesia has more potential for that trending ‘Fire and Ice’ experience than you thought? Several places like Jakarta, Kuta, Ubud and the famous tourist destination Bali combine together to give you a unique holiday- one that you’ll cherish than any other. Visit a museum or two in the capital Jakarta or plan a few nights in Kuta for those party vibes and if you just wish to explore more of nature, wildlife, mountains, volcanos, lakes and temples, Bali is the place to be!

8. India

famous tourist destination in Kerala

With so many places offering that fine combination, India makes it to one of the best Fire and Ice Vacation ideas this year! In the land of abundant lush greenery, majestic mountainscapes, beaches and mesmerizing views, places like Kerala are worth looking forward to for this wonderful experience. This famous land of backwaters is not only the cleanest state in India, it is known as ‘God’s own country’ for a reason! This places of herbs, spices, coconuts and elephants has something for every kind of traveler.

Did you also relate all these extreme places to King’s Landing and North of the Wall, in Game of Thrones? Well, maybe it’s time you try something new which relates you back to the popular TV series and pamper the wandering soul in you! After all, you get to have both worlds this way and there’s nothing like a vacation well spent. When are you planning an international trip to try these ‘Fire and Ice vacation ideas’?