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When Adventure Met Beauty: Our Honeymoon Trip To Sri Lanka

Irresistible for its famous tea, joy ride, warm and welcoming locals and endless beaches, Srilanka is one of the leading honeymoon destinations in the world. Who would not want to lose themselves to the beauty of this simply breathtaking island? Sri Lanka is also a hub for enchanting ancient ruins and imposing mountains which surely attracted our travelers Atul and his wife to get on a honeymoon trip to this land of dense wildlife and serene views. Of the many things to do in Sri Lanka, our travelers wished to experience every joy on the land and therefore they decide to visit the five cities around namely Colombo, Kandy, Ella, and Bentota. With each city offering something new, Sri Lanks for them was the perfect blend of adventure and beauty.

Serving something in the palette to every kind of traveler, Atul has just the same opinion about Srilanka after visiting the place with her wife. Being a sea lover, Atul had always wished to spend a relaxing vacation on the warm sandy beaches by the crystal clear waters, however, his wife had a completely different idea of their honeymoon. She is a mountain lover was yearning for a holiday among lush greenery and pleasant weather. Lying somewhere in between is this heavenly paradise, that satisfied the needs of both. See how our 4 nights 5 days honeymoon trip to Sri Lanka was the best holiday of our lifetime.

Trip Type: Honeymoon
Cost: INR 45881
No. Of People: 2
Duration: 4 Nights 5 Days
Inclusions: Airport Transfer, Discount Voucher, Sightseeing
Exclusions: Lunch, Dinner, Site Tickets, Visa, Airfare

Colombo And Kandy In A Go!

beautiful scenic picture

clicking a lot of pictures

On arriving at Colombo, without any delay we started our journey to Kandy. On our way to Kandy, we visited the Elephant Orphanage with was a great experience. We had not seen such huge herds of elephants whole our lives with the babies as well who were very cute. We grabbed this opportunity to feed the animals. We also gave them a shower by the lake which was very exciting. After clicking a lot of pictures we moved forward with our journey. On reaching Kandy in the evening, we visited many temples in the area and also spent the evening by a beautiful lakeside. Ransacking the local stores in the market allowed us to buy some souvenirs for our relatives.

The Kandy Train

traveling from Kandy to Eliya

enjoyed the scenic views

One of the most beautiful train rides, one should definitely not miss the adventure of traveling from Kandy to Eliya. This panoramic is completely worth your time and money. We booked seats in the observation car and enjoyed the scenic views all through the way. We also clicked some amazing pictures on the way.

Adventure Activities

enjoyed the views on the beach

had an amazing vacation

My wife is a mountain lover especially loved the town of Eilya. In Eliya, there are a lot of adventures that you can look forward to. We climbed the Little Adam’s peak and enjoyed the views of the mountain from the top of the peak. It took approximately 45 minutes for us to reach the peak. We trekked through tea plantations and local villages and it was an expereince in itself. After Ella, we traveled to Bentota which is a popular destination for the water activities. We indulge in Water sports like snorkeling, diving, surfing, and canoeing. We also took a banana ride. In Bentota, we also visited the tea factory and bought a lot of tea for us and our relatives. The local food in the area was another delight in the city.

Day 1: Arrival in Colombo and transfer to Kandy
Day 2: Arrival in Eliya
Day 3: Sightseeing in Eliya
Day 4: Transfer to Bentota and siteseeing
Day 5: Departure Back Home

1. The island is very convenient to travel to and it does not take a lot of time to reach Sri Lanka
2. Sri Lanka is really cheap and you can find good packages at an affordable price
3. The place is safe and secure for every kind of traveler
4. One will easily find vegetarian and non-vegetarian food choices in Sri Lanka
5. Sri Lanka offers both mountain and sea adventures along with scenic beauty

Sri Lanka is an inexpensive land and so one can shop anything and everything that they like. However, some of the famous things that one can buy in Sri Lanka are tea, coffee, artistic pieces, clothes, products made of elephant tooth and also some organic products.

Sri Lanka offers all kinds of cuisines for every kind of traveler. Indian Summer is a famous Indian restaurant in almost every city of Sri Lanka and is known for its consistent taste throughout. Vegetarian food is easily available on the island. Sri Lanka is also known for its seafood and you may find wide choices of fishes and prawns. Also, the quantity of food offered is quite a lot.

1. Travelers are advised to pre-book hotels and tickets to sightseeing attractions
2. While going on trekking expeditions, one must carry along a trekking kit and umbrellas for the weather above changes drastically

What Were The Focal Attractions On The Trip

We enjoyed every expereince on the trip but the best ones were the banana ride in Bentota, Hiking and trekking expeditions in Ella, and visiting the Elephant Orphanage in Kandy.

Q1. Is Sri Lanka safe for tourists?

Yes, Sri Lanka is a completely safe destination for tourists. The violence and crime against tourists are never heard of in the city. One can roam around the place even at late nights.

Q2. Is alcohol easily available in Sri Lanka?

Yes, one may easily find alcohol in Sri Lanka. Even restaurants and hotels easily allow tourists to consume alcohol.

Q3. Is Sri Lanka good for honeymoon?

Yes, Sri Lanks is rapidly growing as a popular romantic destination. Couples will not only find peace and tranquility on the island but also a number of activities to indulge in.

Q4. What is the best time to visit Sri Lanka?

The best time to visit Sri Lanka is in the months of June to November. One must avoid visiting Sri Lanka in the winter months.

With azure waters and majestic mountains, Sri Lanka is the perfect destination for every kind of traveler. If the idea of a honeymoon in Sri Lanka excites you, then TravelTriangle is right next door to plan an amazing trip to the island.