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5 Best Places To Visit In Vacoas In May For A Soul-Satisfying Experience In 2019

Mauritius is one place that should be on your bucket list if you want to explore the best of the world offers! While the whole country is a complete package of amazing experiences, Vacoas is one place that will give you a unique experience to remember your whole life. And in order to witness the perfect bliss and serenity of the city, you must visit it during May. There are many places to visit in Vacoas in May and they will take you on another level of adventure!

It is a pretty little town located almost near the capital of the island country. The town is actually called as Vacoas-Phoenix. Earlier, these two towns were separated and then later they became one. The town has major industries like beer brewing and garments so when you will visit the city, you will get the best of beers and clothes!

So, if you are planning to visit Mauritius soon, do make a visit to Vacoas for an extraordinary experience. And take the help from us to visit the best places to visit in Vacoas in May. Make sure you add these places in your itinerary and pick the necessary things you will need for a blissful vacation!

Here is a list of the best places to visit in Vacoas in may so that you can have a heartwarming experience while holidaying there. Take a look!

  • Casela World Of Adventures
  • Blue Penny Museum
  • Flic En Flac
  • Central Market
  • Kenzi Bar

1. Casela World Of Adventures

A young couple playing with the zebras during their wildlife safari at Casela World of Adventures

Excited about safaris- Experience the wildlife safari organized at Cascavelle, which is a must see out of many places to visit in Mauritius, especially for the daredevils. Yes, the open jeep rides and elephant rides here are not for the faint-hearted. Be prepared for a face to face with tigers and leopards roaming freely in the safari trails.

Famous for: Wildlife Safari

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2. Blue Penny Museum

Blue Penny Museum In Mauritus

Yet another treat for the history lovers. If you want an alluring view of art and history of Mauritius and want to go into the depths of the country, this place is a must stop. Start with an overview of the three colonial period – Dutch, French and British, and move on to the history of the postal service of the Mauritius. From its very first stamp to the rarest and world-renowned stamps, the museum houses many interesting things.

Next, we come to best places to visit in Mauritius for shopping. It offers a mix of indigenous creations and global brand products. Handicrafts are easily available at the beaches while duty-free shops are located at slightly upmarket places. Art fanatics can head to the dedicated Craft market; a good place to pick souvenirs for your friends. Besides, other tourist attractions in Mauritius include:

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3. Flic En Flac

Cascavelle Shopping Centre at Flic En Flac in Mauritius

Shopping experience at Flic En Flac is always vivid because it holds an assortment of options. Cascavelle Shopping Centre has ample choice for brand lovers. A few local Mauritius shopping brands, though popular in Mauritius, are also there. Good options for dining as well. Besides, you can pick a number of postcards and souvenirs from the roadside stalls at this Mauritius shopping paradise.

Known for: Souvenirs made of sea shells
Bargaining skills required: Excellent

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4. Central Market

Two shots of Port Louis Bazaar and Central Market in Mauritius

Central Market at Port Louis is for daily groceries and traditional remedies and gives you a true Mauritius shopping experience. Dont expect spic and span roads or high-end luxury shops. It is a common mans market. So why should you visit it- Well, the unique thing that you get here is exotic homemade oils. Quite an exclusive and exotic thing to take home actually.

Known for: Homemade oils and traditional remedies
Bargaining skills required: Good

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5. Kenzi Bar


Now this is the spot where you can have a truly hippie experience. Wooden furniture, sand floor, cabana style decor, delicious cold drinks and finger-licking finger-food – everything here adds its bit to the inviting and warm ambiance. Music, food, drinks, people, and most importantly, the aura of Kenzi Bar ensure that you cant stay off the dance floor.

The crowd here is mostly open and friendly; neither stuffy nor intrusive. Live dance performances and music acts are added attractions. Know more about upcoming live performances on their Facebook Page.

Opening hours: 24*7

Location: Avenue Petite Marie, Flic en Flac

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Now when you know how to smartly plan a vacation in Vacoas, Mauritius during may, buck up and book your holiday in Mauritius with TravelTriangle right away! And since you know Mauritius is an island, carry this places to visit in Vacoas in May list and relevant things with you like camera, hats and sunscreens and make sure to indulge in all the activities!

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4 Best Museums In Kent Ridge, Singapore For An Unforgettable Journey In This Land

With a wide range of activities like water sports, spa therapies and cruise tours on board, there’s no doubt why Singapore is amongst the most preferred destination for all kinds of travelers. Be it a honeymoon trip, a group vacay or a reviving solo holiday to treat your wanderlust, this land has something in store for everyone. So, if it is museums in Kent Ridge that you’re looking forward to then the following list will help you on your journey.
Hop on a romantic cruise with your partner or simply indulge in a fun street food experience with your folks at the many hawkers markets. Take time to revive your senses and pack a picnic for Gardens by the Bay. Step into the streets of Chinatown and find those perfect souvenirs to take back home for your loved ones while the talented street artists keep you entertained. You can opt for a fun day trip to Universal Studios Theme Park and enjoy the amazing rides. What’s more is that quaint little cafes of Clarke Quay will add an extra charm to your evening with a stunning river view alongside. You can try a sunbathing session at one of the many beaches of this land such as the Palawan beach in Sentosa or visit the various museums to know more about the charming culture of the vibrant folks of this land. If nothing feels right, you can always try the ferry rides and do some island-hopping in this tropical paradise where there’s always scope for more!

Some of the fascinating cultural secrets lie right in the museums and to find out more about a place, such places are perfect doorways to their history. Check out this list to know what awaits you in this land.

1. Artspace Museum


ArtSpace Museum, which is located at the Prestige Istana Park, redefines art and lifestyles. Being a leading art club for all, anyone from anywhere can learn, enjoy and appreciate art here. It can be reached easily as it is just a 5-minutes walk away from the Dhoby Ghaut MRT. It offers flexible timing and personalized painting and drawing workshops for the art lovers to explore, learn from and enjoy.

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2. Mint Museum Of Toys

Various exhibits at Mint Museum of Toys the top amongst the interesting historical places in India

The feeling of nostalgia is dominant inside the historical buildings in Singapore. Rows of toys, collectibles and comics will take you down the memory lane. Besides, the information about the era to which they belong is quite interesting.

The Mint Museum of Toys boasts of more than 50,000 vintage toys, of which some are as old as 120 years. Definitely, the museum is a top contender among the quirky historical places in Singapore.

Opening hours: 9:30 am to 6:30 pm
Entry fee: $ 15 for adults and $ 7.5 for children

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3. Buddha Tooth Relic Temple & Museum


This temple and museum was built only ten years back but speaks of a history centuries old. Located in Chinatown, the temple has its architecture inspired by the Chinese Tang dynasty. This place houses the tooth of Buddha, which is considered a holy relic in Buddhism, placingit on every must-visit Buddhist temple list in Singapore.

Apart from that, it is also home to many beautiful artworks related to the life of Lord Buddha as well as a garden and a bookstore.

Location: 288 South Bridge Road, Singapore
Timings: 9 AM – 6 PM

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4. Singapore Museum


Enhance your knowledge of science and find the answer to all your science related questions here. Singapore is famous for its modern architectural design. This has been made possible with the help of science. So, whenever you come to Singapore make sure that you visit the science museum that will surprise you with its unique collection of all things related to science. You can also attend several exhibits and educational tours that will enhance your knowledge of space and earth science.

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With an extravagant combination of islands like Singapore, you just cannot go wrong with any activity. Be it visiting the serene temples to soak in those blessed vibes around or exploring the beaches and uniquely themed museums in Kent Ridge, there’s no dearth of places in Lion City. What makes it even more interesting is the tropical climate that splashes cool winds across your face as you go out and about in this land. While a spectacular view of SIngapore Skyline from the famous Marina Bay Sands hotel cannot be missed, relaxing in the lavish infinity pool of this property will revive your senses like no other. Don’t miss out on the exciting nightlife experience as you check out all the bars and clubs of this nation-state and visit the many events that will let you get the best of this land. So, what are you waiting for? Plan a vacation to Singapore for an ultimate holiday experience like never before and make sure you tag along your favourite travel buddies too!

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Calabria Travel: Rugged Mountains, Dramatic Coastline, And More

Calabria is the southernmost region of Italy and is often called the toe of the boot-shaped peninsular country. The region is divided into 5 provinces namely – Cosenza, Reggio Calabria, Catanzaro, Crotone and Vibo Valentia. All these provinces have beautiful tourist sites and mesmerizing landscapes. Calabria travel is not just limited to luxurious vacations, but also backpacking, snow sports, adventure sports, and a simple wish to just bask in nature. Go through the guide to know more about the gorgeous land of breathtaking coastline and serenity.

Things you need to know about Calabria

The region not only boasts of ethereal beauty of nature for tourists but also has a rich history, culture, traditions, and art which will leave one spellbound.

Back in the day, Calabria was often referred to as the ‘Land of Wine’ and thus, it is needless to say that local wine here is a must try. Italian food is famous all over the world but every region has its local preparations that are unique to them. Some of these Calabria foods include Lagane e Cicciari, Pignolata, Cudduraci and many more.
Though the official language here is Italian, one might find differences in dialects with two major dialects – Northern Calabrian and Southern Calabrian in different regions of Calabria. You might also find a hint of Spanish in some dialects.

Most people here are Roman Catholics and the region is also called the ‘Land of Saints’ due to being the birthplace of many saints since the past 2000 years. Apart from this, though restricted to small communities, Jewish presence has been part of the history of Calabria.

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Best time to visit Calabria

Calabria weather attracts year-round tourism as it has something to offer in all seasons. Those who prefer to visit for the various snow sports are recommended to visit in the winter season that is anytime between December and February. On the other hand, those who want to explore the impressive stretch of coastline are suggested to visit during the warmer climate.

The Calabria Region is very beautiful and tranquil and is bound to make tourists happy and sated with a mix of relaxation, adventure, luxury, and peace. Though the region has many unforgettable destinations that will leave you spellbound, here are a few places that you should definitely not miss when here on vacation:

1. Pentedattilo


Perched on Mount Calvary, this village saw civilization as early as 600 BC, and your Calabria travel isn’t complete without paying a visit to this. Pentedattilo is derived from ‘Penta’ meaning five, due to its appearance being similar to the five-fingered hand of Cyclops. Though the population has been relocated now, the town resembles a ghostly place; it is still fascinating and full of mystery. Driving there by a car and taking a stroll in the streets is recommended.

Location: Province of Reggio Calabria

2. Santa Severina

Santa Severina

Often known as ‘the Stone Ship’, this ancient medieval town is situated between the Ionian Sea and Sila Mountains which gives it the perfect appearance of a castle town guarded on both sides by nature itself. The town rises on a cliff in a valley and gives it the appearance of a stone ship amidst the sea. The town has a particularly interesting history and visiting here is highly recommended for the scenery, history, architecture and cold coffee or brioche with ice cream. The town might be the only place with solid Byzantine proof in Calabria. Do not skip this ancient town on your Calabria travel.

Location: Province of Crotone

3. Gambarie


Calabria is often associated with the sea however; you are in for a surprise with Gambarie, which is the most popular location for skiing in Calabria. Tourists are often shocked by just the fact that the region has ski resorts. One can ski on Sila, Pollino, and Aspromonte. Also, cable cars are available to take tourists to the peaks of Mount Nardello and Mount Scirocco. The town is full of scenic beauty in the form of creeks, snow-covered mountains, Beech forests, and an overall tranquil atmosphere. There are several farms in the area and fresh farm vegetables are used to prepare the local food in the town. If you’re up for some adventure, you must visit this place on your Calabria travel.

Location: Province of Reggio Calabria

4. Tropea


This is the vacation capital of Calabria and when tourists visit here, they most certainly stop at Tropea to enjoy the coastline scenery of this city. The town is situated on a reef connected with the mainland by a narrow strip of land. The town is a very famous bathing place, where tourists enjoy the blue waters sparkling in the sunlight. One can also visit the Norman cathedral, Franciscan Monastery and the Monastery of Santa Maria dell’lsola. These architectural structures are marvels in themselves. The 12th-century architecture of Norman Cathedral gives one a glimpse into the Norman architectural culture. On your Calabria travel, you’ll realize how incredible and authentic this little town is.

Location: Province of Vibo Valentina

5. Stilo


Stilo is one of the most interesting places for history and art that Calabria boasts of. Cattolica adi Stilo is a small church of Byzantine culture in the Square of the foot of Mount Consollino. It receives quite a lot of tourists around the year and is famous for its Byzantine art. It is situated on a hill with olive trees and vines all around giving it the appearance of a castle just out of a fairy tale.
Location: Province of Reggio Calabria

The Calabria Region of Italy is quite beautiful and not just a coastline. Your trip to Europe here is sure to leave you speechless and you won’t be able to wait to visit this destination again as once is not enough to satiate a tourist.

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When Adventure Met Beauty: Our Honeymoon Trip To Sri Lanka

Irresistible for its famous tea, joy ride, warm and welcoming locals and endless beaches, Srilanka is one of the leading honeymoon destinations in the world. Who would not want to lose themselves to the beauty of this simply breathtaking island? Sri Lanka is also a hub for enchanting ancient ruins and imposing mountains which surely attracted our travelers Atul and his wife to get on a honeymoon trip to this land of dense wildlife and serene views. Of the many things to do in Sri Lanka, our travelers wished to experience every joy on the land and therefore they decide to visit the five cities around namely Colombo, Kandy, Ella, and Bentota. With each city offering something new, Sri Lanks for them was the perfect blend of adventure and beauty.

Serving something in the palette to every kind of traveler, Atul has just the same opinion about Srilanka after visiting the place with her wife. Being a sea lover, Atul had always wished to spend a relaxing vacation on the warm sandy beaches by the crystal clear waters, however, his wife had a completely different idea of their honeymoon. She is a mountain lover was yearning for a holiday among lush greenery and pleasant weather. Lying somewhere in between is this heavenly paradise, that satisfied the needs of both. See how our 4 nights 5 days honeymoon trip to Sri Lanka was the best holiday of our lifetime.

Trip Type: Honeymoon
Cost: INR 45881
No. Of People: 2
Duration: 4 Nights 5 Days
Inclusions: Airport Transfer, Discount Voucher, Sightseeing
Exclusions: Lunch, Dinner, Site Tickets, Visa, Airfare

Colombo And Kandy In A Go!

beautiful scenic picture

clicking a lot of pictures

On arriving at Colombo, without any delay we started our journey to Kandy. On our way to Kandy, we visited the Elephant Orphanage with was a great experience. We had not seen such huge herds of elephants whole our lives with the babies as well who were very cute. We grabbed this opportunity to feed the animals. We also gave them a shower by the lake which was very exciting. After clicking a lot of pictures we moved forward with our journey. On reaching Kandy in the evening, we visited many temples in the area and also spent the evening by a beautiful lakeside. Ransacking the local stores in the market allowed us to buy some souvenirs for our relatives.

The Kandy Train

traveling from Kandy to Eliya

enjoyed the scenic views

One of the most beautiful train rides, one should definitely not miss the adventure of traveling from Kandy to Eliya. This panoramic is completely worth your time and money. We booked seats in the observation car and enjoyed the scenic views all through the way. We also clicked some amazing pictures on the way.

Adventure Activities

enjoyed the views on the beach

had an amazing vacation

My wife is a mountain lover especially loved the town of Eilya. In Eliya, there are a lot of adventures that you can look forward to. We climbed the Little Adam’s peak and enjoyed the views of the mountain from the top of the peak. It took approximately 45 minutes for us to reach the peak. We trekked through tea plantations and local villages and it was an expereince in itself. After Ella, we traveled to Bentota which is a popular destination for the water activities. We indulge in Water sports like snorkeling, diving, surfing, and canoeing. We also took a banana ride. In Bentota, we also visited the tea factory and bought a lot of tea for us and our relatives. The local food in the area was another delight in the city.

Day 1: Arrival in Colombo and transfer to Kandy
Day 2: Arrival in Eliya
Day 3: Sightseeing in Eliya
Day 4: Transfer to Bentota and siteseeing
Day 5: Departure Back Home

1. The island is very convenient to travel to and it does not take a lot of time to reach Sri Lanka
2. Sri Lanka is really cheap and you can find good packages at an affordable price
3. The place is safe and secure for every kind of traveler
4. One will easily find vegetarian and non-vegetarian food choices in Sri Lanka
5. Sri Lanka offers both mountain and sea adventures along with scenic beauty

Sri Lanka is an inexpensive land and so one can shop anything and everything that they like. However, some of the famous things that one can buy in Sri Lanka are tea, coffee, artistic pieces, clothes, products made of elephant tooth and also some organic products.

Sri Lanka offers all kinds of cuisines for every kind of traveler. Indian Summer is a famous Indian restaurant in almost every city of Sri Lanka and is known for its consistent taste throughout. Vegetarian food is easily available on the island. Sri Lanka is also known for its seafood and you may find wide choices of fishes and prawns. Also, the quantity of food offered is quite a lot.

1. Travelers are advised to pre-book hotels and tickets to sightseeing attractions
2. While going on trekking expeditions, one must carry along a trekking kit and umbrellas for the weather above changes drastically

What Were The Focal Attractions On The Trip

We enjoyed every expereince on the trip but the best ones were the banana ride in Bentota, Hiking and trekking expeditions in Ella, and visiting the Elephant Orphanage in Kandy.

Q1. Is Sri Lanka safe for tourists?

Yes, Sri Lanka is a completely safe destination for tourists. The violence and crime against tourists are never heard of in the city. One can roam around the place even at late nights.

Q2. Is alcohol easily available in Sri Lanka?

Yes, one may easily find alcohol in Sri Lanka. Even restaurants and hotels easily allow tourists to consume alcohol.

Q3. Is Sri Lanka good for honeymoon?

Yes, Sri Lanks is rapidly growing as a popular romantic destination. Couples will not only find peace and tranquility on the island but also a number of activities to indulge in.

Q4. What is the best time to visit Sri Lanka?

The best time to visit Sri Lanka is in the months of June to November. One must avoid visiting Sri Lanka in the winter months.

With azure waters and majestic mountains, Sri Lanka is the perfect destination for every kind of traveler. If the idea of a honeymoon in Sri Lanka excites you, then TravelTriangle is right next door to plan an amazing trip to the island.

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3 Best Things To Do Near Victoria On Weekends While In Singapore!

Singapore is one those places on the map which has a wide array of attractions within its boundaries, despite being a small country. One of the most developed and fastest growing country in Asia, this place is a home to natural wonders and marvellous attractions which are made by man’s effort. Whether you’re looking for unusual yet beautiful places to visit or delicious food to eat, there is no doubt that Singapore is definitely the paradise for everything like this. This is the place where travelers can pick a bike and roam around the streets, or walk across the bay to see the spectacular light and water show. Apart from that the famous and marvellous attractions created in the past few years of development welcomes the travelers. Whether it’s the gigantic lighted trees at the Gardens by the bay or the spectacular architecture of the Marina Sand Bay, there are a lot of things which will definitely make your vacation all worth it. While there are many places to visit around Singapore which offers a wide array of things to do, there is a region named Victoria which also marks a location to explore unusual things in the Lion City. Keeping the visitors close to the Kallang district, this place has a wide array of experiences which one can experience while traveling with their friends. The list of best things to do near Victoria on weekends will let you take a lead and be less confused while roaming around in the streets of this part of the country.

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Here is a list of handpicked things to do near Victoria with friends which will be fun-filled, thrilling and let you explore the culture and lifestyle of the Lion City. Not just the famous attractions around the island state are something one should explore, but apart from that, there are other things which will definitely let you make some unique memories.

1. Take A Tour Of The City On A Bike


The best way to explore this city is to take a bike and drive around the narrow lanes of this place. This way, you will actually get to experience the entire culture of the place. Head over to the riverfront, which is a famous weekend spot for chilling and relaxing. Also, you can explore the other local markets of the city and blend in with the people.

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2. S.e.a. Aquarium


This is where you can peek into the calmness of the ocean. Who thought Asias largest aquarium could prove to be a great romantic spot for couples. Holding hands and watching in silence, the marvellous marine world deep inside and the light rays beaming into the cool dark-blue waters is an experience worth enjoying. S.E.A. Aquarium is a popular tourist spot in Singapore so try to plan your visit on a weekday instead of a weekend, so that you dont find much crowd.

Average entry price for two: $56
Timings: 10am – 7pm

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3. Be Stupefied By The Spectacular Fireworks


Image Soure

Every day is the 4th of July at Lake Hollywood Spectacular where you can watch scintillating and the prettiest fireworks in the sky. The incredible fireworks coupled with brilliant music score will raise the hairs on your arms. You dont have such mind-blowing fireworks in India during the Diwali celebrations. The show only happens on the weekends. Check the timings of the fireworks before you begin your experience so you dont miss it.

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These are some of the best things to do near Victoria on weekends which will definitely make your holiday a happening one. What can be better than taking an exciting bike ride around the city with your gang, or see the night sky getting covered with all the fireworks? All this are as fascinating as they sound and one can experience all this none other at one place and that is Singapore. This Asian country has all the reasons to become one of the favourite destinations to visit by travelers. So if a fun-filled vacation to Singapore is on your mind, then don’t wait and pack your bags to explore the Merlion city like never before. And while here, don’t forget to indulge in this one of a kind experiences.

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4 Best Cafes In Chong Boon, Singapore For Every Kind Of Craving

With some of the most serene landscapes lighting up in the distance every time you look around, there are only a few places around the globe where you can experience such fascination. One of these rare places is Singapore. The fact that there’s something in store for everyone here makes it one of the most preferred destinations around the globe. But, if you’re already out and about and wish to make a stop at one of the best cafes in Chong Boon, then the following list will surely help you on your journey!
Visit Universal Studios Theme Park if you’re looking for some thrilling rides and a fun packed day with your family and friends. Sipping champagne and watching a splendid sunset view from the grand infinity pool of the renowned Marina Bay Sands hotel should surely be on your itinerary. What’s more is that you can also opt for a romantic boat cruise with your partner for soaking in more bliss on your vacay! If it is some happening evening you’re craving for, make sure you check out the nightclubs and bars in Singapore, for a never-ending party holiday. To take it up a notch, you can also check out the various museums that are uniquely themed and will keep you occupied for an entire day. Clarke Quay is filled with restaurants that offer a perfect view of the river alongside with a delicious meal experience that you’ll never forget! If this still doesn’t feel enough, explore the various beaches around that this land is famous for, and who knows which hidden secrets you uncover with your folks!

Cafes are an amazing option if you just wish to grab a quick bite and move on to your next adventure. While there are plenty of cafes in Singapore, some of the best ones in Chong Boon region are handpicked for you!

1. The White Olive


Situated inside hotel Changi Cove, the White Olive is a prestigious and swanky café in Changi. The ambiance, hospitality, and the food menu are excellently curated. Located a few minutes away from Changi airport MRT station, The White Olive is the perfect haven for those looking for a cozy, casual dining experience with their loved one.

Location: 351 Cranwell Rd, Singapore 509865
Must try: Duck salad and dry prawn pasta
Opening hours: 7 am – 10 pm

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Singapore Holiday Packages On TravelTriangle

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2. The Coastal Settlement


Set amidst nature, The Coastal Settlement is one of the most noteworthy names in the league of best Changi cafes. Presenting contemporary food with infused local flavors, this café has acquired immense fame since its inception. Its rustic and vintage decor is worth mentioning. The cafe continues to blow people’s minds away with its food.

Location: 200 Netheravon Rd, Singapore 508529
Must try: Wagyu beef
Opening hours: 10:30 am – 11 pm

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3. Saltwater Café At Village Hotel


Last but not the least, one of the most renowned names in this list of popular Changi cafes is Saltwater Café. Located inside the Village Hotel, this is a classic place that offers the best of Asian and International specialties like snow crab legs and rojak. This is one of the very few Changi cafes that provide halal food.

Location: 1 Netheravon Rd, level 1 Village Hotel Changi, Singapore 508502
Must try: Snow crab legs and rojak
Opening hours: 6: 30 am – 10 pm

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4. Seoul Good Dessert And Coffee


If you are looking to have some authentic Korean food then head over to this café! They serve some authentic Korean dishes that are absolutely delicious in taste. It is more like a hipster place with super cool ambiance and friendly staff. Even the owner of this place is kind and generous and makes the guests feel homely and comfortable. Also, they serve some of the cheapest beer in town.

Location: 50 Punggol E, #01-K36, Singapore 828824
Must try: Korean cuisines
Google rating: 3.9/5
Facebook Page

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A soothing tropical climate makes this paradise even better and the exploration leads to an ultimate holiday experience. The fact that Singapore has an efficient transport system on board, which helps you commute faster saving more time and energy makes it one of the best destinations around the globe for every kind of traveler. Be it a honeymoon, a vacay with friends or a solo trip, you’re bound to love the happening vibes of Lion City when it comes to the thrilling water sports, cafes in Chong Boon and lively bars offering some authentic delicious cocktails. If it is shopping that you’re looking for, stay assured that strolling around the streets of Chinatown with many talented street artists keeping you entertained is one-of-a-kind experience! Do stop by at Little India for a hearty meal and don’t miss out on a walk around the famous Helix bridge here. So, what are you waiting for? Plan a vacation to Singapore for an amazing holiday experience like never before! Make sure you pack a few extra clothes in case this place changes your mind and you decide to extend your vacay.

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3 Best Museums In Newton, Singapore To Know More About Their Charming Culture

With some of the best excursions on board, Singapore is the go-to place for many travelers across the globe. Pristine beaches, stunning nightlife, and a delightful experience awaits all tourists. But, there’s so much more that this land has to offer. Some of the museums in Newton will surely keep you more than occupied with some of the most unique and exclusive displays.
Visit the famous Universal Studios Theme Park to enjoy a fun packed day with the many rides at this venue. If you wish to witness a spectacular view of Singapore Skyline, visit the renowned Marina Bay Sands hotel, and watch the charming sunset over this skyline while you relax in the infinity pool. Pack a little picnic and head to Gardens by the Bay to soak in more bliss amidst the scenic vibes around.
For a scrumptious meal, visit the quaint cafes by the riverside in Clarke Quay or embark on an extraordinary nightlife experience at the various clubs and bars of this land. Don’t miss out on an island hopping activity with a charming island like Sentosa on board. You can also opt for some thrilling water sports to get the best of this tropical paradise. If it is shopping that you’re looking for, head straight to the streets of Chinatown to choose from a wide range of colourful trinkets and souvenirs as the talented street artists keep you entertained with their performances alongside. For soaking in more blessed vibes around, several temples in this nation-state offer a serene environment where you can spend some quiet time in contemplation.

Some of the best facts about a particular destination are known through their museums. So, while you’re out and about in this land, make sure you check out the following museums in Newton and know more about the Singaporean culture.

1. Alive Museums


Are you a selfie queen? Or do you love to click fun photos of you and your friends? Then visit the Alive Museums with your friends. Besides that, you can also enjoy the unique collection of illusionary art, painting, other optical illusions and lots of other amazing things. If you have kids with you, you can enjoy the place a lot. Also, you will get back your old days as a kid once you are here.

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2. The Intan


One of the many intriguing things to do in Geylang, Singapore is to plan a visit to the Peranakan museum called The Intan. The most interesting aspect of this place is that this place is a home-cum-museum started by its owner Alvin Yapp. The amazing place will give you a complete insight about the life and times of the Peranakans, scions of immigrants from China who married the Malay women. It’s a treat to spend some time learning about the rich heritage, tradition, culture and lifestyle of the community and that too straight from a fellow Peranakan. A 90 minute tour is concluded by a tea and snacks session which is a complete traditional affair and the culinary delights are prepared by the owner’s mother herself.

Location: Joo Chiat Terrace, geylang, Singapore
Timings: 7:00am to 10:00pm
Entry Fees: INR 3000 per person

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3. Asian Civilizations Museum


Experience and see all about the Asian heritage at large and especially everything which Singaporean heritage has to offer. The museum offers a stunning blend of unique customs of various countries like India, China, and other South East Asian places. The architecture of this place is in a neoclassical style which was seen during the colonial period in Singapore. The museum aims to show the various art forms in existence along with the language and other creative ideas which are a stable of various religions. Guided tours are available for an hour each. If you get hungry or feel tired over traversing this huge place there is an in-house eatery which serves perfect Singaporean cuisine and you can enjoy your breakfast and lunch in here.

Location: The Historic Empress Place Building.
Hours Open: 10:00 to 19:00 from Saturday to Thursday; Fridays- 10 am to 9 pm
Admission: Depends upon the tour taken.

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A tropical climate in Singapore helps make the overall experience even better. The fact that this place has an efficient transport system makes it one of the most preferred destinations for all kind of tourists in the world. So, while you’re still planning, make sure you get your hands on their MRT system when you visit to facilitate your commute in this nation-state and explore the various museums in Newton. Hop on a romantic boat cruise to woo your partner or head to Little India for a hearty meal. Go for a walk at the Helix bridge to admire the fine work of architecture that this land has. So, what are you waiting for? Plan a Singapore trip for an ultimate holiday experience with your loved ones like never before! Make sure you pack some extra clothes in case this place changes your mind and you decide to extend your vacay.

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3 Amusing Things To Do Near Serangoon With Kids In Singapore For An Unforgettable Vacation!

An exquisite land adorned with marvelous beaches, stunning tourist attraction, pristine temples, and fun shopping destinations, Singapore will turn out to be just the perfect destination for your much-awaited vacation with your kids. Thinking to leave your monotonous life behind for some days? Looking for an impeccable destination where you and your munchkins can bond and have fun? Singapore is all that you are looking for and a lot more! If you are all set for a fun packed vacation, then go through this handy list of things to do near Serangoon with kids and take a few notes to make your vacation a memorable one!

A vacation spent exploring the crowded tourist attractions and busy streets in Singapore is far away from what you should plan for yourself and your kids. These enticing things mentioned in this list will make your vacation all about fun, relaxation, and adventure. Visiting an unexplored destination can be quite challenging with kids. Don’t you worry! We have shortlisted the best activities which you must try with your kids to have an unforgettable vacation. Before you leave do check this terrific list!

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Whether it’s a family vacation or a honeymoon, Singapore is one of the most frequented destinations. Most of the travelers have no idea that Singapore can be a great place for an amusing vacation with kids. Here is a list of things that you ought to do near Serangoon with your kids when you are in the Merlion Land. Keep scrolling down and read along!

1. Time Zone Waterway Point

Time Zone Waterway Point

If you want to treat yourself and your kids with adventure then you should straight away head to the Time Zone Waterway Point in Singapore. Take your kids to this spot and they won’t agree to leave later. The fun games and activities in this place are suitable for kids of all ages and they will be filled with joy after visiting it. They have a decent fee and your kids can indulge in various activities again and again as they are so addictive. Do visit this time zone as it is one of the best places in Singapore to visit with kids.

Location: 83 Punggol Central Watertown, Singapore 828761, Singapore
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2. The Punggol Settlement

Punggol Settlement

After a day spent indulging in all sorts of activities, you must pay a visit to this amazing restaurant where you can relish a delectable meal with your kids. Food binds us together and for having a great trip with your munchkins, you ought to visit this restaurant for savoring the authentic food.

Location: 3 Punggol Point Road The Punggol Settlement, Singapore 828694, Singapore

3. Take A Cycle Tour And Boardwalk


Cycles are an extraordinary method to explore ‘Changi Beach’ Park and it encompasses. They can be hired from a bicycle stand at the park. The Changi Boardwalk offers magnificent waterfront sees. Beginning from the Changi Ferry Point Terminal, you can appreciate the 2.2 km boardwalk, joined by the sound of lapping waves, at your recreation. One of the main advantages of going on a cycling tour in Changi is that you are able to cover more than just beach on your tour. Changi Road boasts a number of attractions and the best way to explore is on a bike. Witness this interesting place from a local’s perspective. Who knows what stumble upon? There are a number of bike tour operators who offer day tours.

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All set for an enthralling vacation with your kids? These things to do near Serangoon with Kids will help you bond with your kids in a great way. Its time to take a break from the hustle and bustle and to take your kids on an extraordinary vacation. So, get packed, pick your dates, plan your vacation in Singapore with TravelTriangle and get ready to have the best vacation of your life!

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3 Best Restaurants Near Robertson Quay, Singapore For All The Food Lovers!

Singapore is one of the most spectacular countries in the world and every year thousands of tourists visit Singapore for lifting their spirits up! The country not only offers amazing places to visit but also adventures that will make your heart beat faster! Apart from that, it also offers delicious dishes especially seafood. Some of the best places to visit in Singapore are Singapore Flyer, Universal studios, Sentosa island and much more. Each and every corner has got to offer something. So, if you are on a stroll in Singapore and get stuck at Robertson Quay, don’t get worried by thinking about what you are going to do! You can visit the restaurants near Robertson Quay for a complete holiday experience!

There are many types of restaurants in Singapore and they offer different types of cuisines for every kind of traveler. If you want to try chinese, you can try chinese dish, if you are craving for European, there is a place for that too. Whether you are visiting Singapore with family, friends or partner, these restaurants will make sure you don’t go disappointed! May it be top-notch restaurants that offer fine dining experience or hawker stalls that will put your soul on fire, there is a lot in store. You know any holiday is incomplete without savouring the best dishes that the destination offers, so make sure you get your hands on the best of Singaporean dining experiences.

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Here is a list of the best restaurants near Robertson Quay for a soul-satisfying experience of holidaying in Singapore. Take a look!

1. Rosso Vino

Rosso vino restaurant

Singapore is a multicultural country and offers many options for dining. This restaurant is one of them and offers Italian cuisine. Located by the Singapore river, the restaurant is one of the best Italin restaurants and offers great pizza, pasta and alfresco.

2. Ubin Kitchen


Located in Greenwood Avenue, Ubin Kitchen is a rustic styled diner that serves plenty of savory dishes to the visitors. Though the restaurant serves the popular traditional chili crab dish, but it is especially famous for the old school dishes including Kong bak pau – a braised pork bun, hae cho or prawn rolls and orh ni or yam paste. The flat wheat noodles cooked in seafood stock and topped with oysters is another specialty of the restaurant. The jovial team at the Ubin Kitchen restaurant always thrive to offer the best meals to their customers.

Location: Greenwood Avenue, Pulau Ubin, Singapore
Tripadvisor rating: 4 / 5

3. Bee’s Knees At The Garage

Bee's knees restaurant

This is one of the most beautiful and unique restaurants near Robertson Quay. It offers dining amidst the botanic gardens, so if you are a nature lover then this is the place to be. The cafe offers an amazing menu with lip-smacking cuisine. So, if you are looking for a great taste then visit this restaurant.

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Now you know these restaurants near Robertson Quay are the perfect places to visit after you are done exploring the area. These restaurants not only offer awesome dishes but also cozy atmosphere to enjoy the food that you savour in the best way. So, what are you thinking about? Plan a trip to Singapore with TravelTriangle and head to these restaurants for a delectable holiday.

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