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Summer In Auckland: Your Personal Guide To Traverse Through This New Zealand City In 2019

Pristine beaches, exciting outdoor adventures and magnificent mountains, if there’s any place in New Zealand that you mustn’t miss, it is Auckland. While there’s plenty of things you can enjoy in the city, preparing your list well in advance lets you cover the best places to boast about in future. No matter what you had in mind, Auckland never fails to surprise you as it covers a massive region including Auckland North Shore, Hauraki Gulf and the Auckland Central bustling with outdoorsy vibes!

So, don’t just sit there wondering where to head to in Auckland. Get ready to plan an extraordinary summer in Auckland for those much awaited holiday plans!

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With a rejuvenating vibe abode, Auckland has a moderate temperature all throughout the year. The summer months of December, January and February are mostly affected by the pleasant winds from the mountains and balanced by the sea, making it an ideal spot to explore with average temperatures ranging between 20 to 25 degrees.

Traveling to one of the vibrant cities of New Zealand can be overwhelming. So, why not take a look at some of the best things you ought to try here for a fulfilling experience?

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1. Movies


Unlike the movies you’ve watched in the closed spaces of the cinema halls of your own country, the Silo Cinema at Wynyard Quarter, features free events wherein classic movies are projected onto the walls of majestic Silo buildings. You can also treat yourself at various bars in the Wynyard Quarter, offering a perfect outing for your laid back afternoons in Auckland! Is this what you had in mind for spending your summer in Auckland?

2. Regional Parks


Soak in the absolute bliss that the scenic views of regional parks in Auckland have abode for all tourists. With approximately 26 of them, you always have more to explore and have a fun barbeque outing with your folks. Don’t forget to get a good camera to get those perfect pictures with the lush green landscapes in the backdrop. This is also one of the ways to let you stay fit on your trip to Auckland.

3. Waiheke Island


One of the most famous places to visit in Auckland is Waiheke Island. The captivating white sandy beaches are just not what you had in mind for your vacay, but this island also has perfect walking tracks in store for you. If you love experimenting, follow the tracks of Te Ara Hura and go around the island. Or simply go via the usual route and indulge in an amazing wine-tasting experience at one of the vineyards here!

4. Camping


Ever tried camping on the beach? Well, this is the place you ought to try for an extraordinary experience! Sleeping under the stars and listening to the waves splashing across the coast as you chat with your friends, you can choose to book for one of the 40 main sites available in Auckland. Just make sure you book in advance as there are plenty of people doing the same already! Excited already?

5. Beach


Since Auckland is home to multiple islands, there’s no shortage of beaches in this New Zealand city. So, why miss out on some fun activities to be tried on the beaches like Piha here? Grab your best surf gear and get going to witness the splendid scenery this famous beach has in store for you. Don’t forget to click a selfie or two with Lion Rock as the background or visit Anchor Bay Beach to have an extra beach dose!

6. Music Festival

Music Festival

Summer festivals in Auckland are what most people look forward to and exclusive bookings are made well in advance to visit the city for the same reason. Catch a live performance in any of the parks across Auckland or welcome your new year dancing your night away at the famous Wondergarden fest in Silo park. If you’re an indie rock fan, visit this city for the renowned St Jerome’s Laneway festival in the month of January.

7. Hiking


Hiking in Auckland is what you can do to cherish those summer moments in this charming city. So many places to hike, bike and walk, you can never miss out on a single stunning places via this form of activity as it gives you plenty of time to admire the tranquility this city’s most gorgeous landscapes have in store for you. To experience the beauty that this place beholds, try the less-trodden path of Motutapu Island connecting to Rangitoto Island.

8. Wildlife


Whether you’re a wildlife enthusiast or not, some of the experiences related to the same will make your holiday more memorable. The renowned Auckland Zoo offers plenty of activities within, such as the thrilling safari at night or dining at the Old Elephant House. You even get to feed the giraffes here and have a good time with the whales on the Auckland Whale and Dolphin safari. If you wish to spot a few native birds, visit Hauraki Gulf’s wildlife sanctuary.

9. Food Tasting

Meal Mix Plate Food Cuisine Fish Shrimp Taco

Take a bite of those strawberries at the farms located in Kumeu region of Auckland, leading to an ice-cream indulgence. If you haven’t tried paua fritters and whitebait at the beaches adjacent to the Auckland city, you’re surely missing out on something. Planning to chill at a pub with your folks, head straight to Riverhead tavern by boarding a ferry and taste the exquisite pub cuisines to satiate your cravings. Don’t forget to add a cocktail or two with the food.

10. Kayaking


Exploring the many islands of Auckland has its own perks. But, what if you were to try the best way around the fascinating beauties? That’s right! Kayak your way to the islands of the Hauraki Gulf and don’t miss out on the Rangitoto island’s sunset kayak tour to witness nature at its best in this New Zealand charm! Any day trips to various islands of this city will lead you to an unforgettable experience like you’ve never had before!

Going to visit this city soon? Then, get your bags and get packing! Plan a trip to Auckland for a memorable getaway from the same old routine and have a blast with your folks in this city of New Zealand. Take your pick from the best experiences mentioned above and get your folks on board with the thrilling vibes that await you in this land!

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